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You Won't Believe What Happened to the Missing Malaysian Airlines Plane from 2014

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Ashton Forbes and a team of researchers working with him have done an incredibly thorough analysis of leaked highly classified footage of what actually happened to the missing Malaysian Airlines plane from 2014. As it turns out, it was “disappeared” or “teleported” or something of the sort by a secret wing of the military-industrial complex. Many mysteries remain in this case, but it really does seem as though the footage itself is authentic.

If you want to delve into this, I recommend this interview that Forbes did with Project Unity.

The whole case supports my theory that behind the overt structures of the military-industrial complex and the capitalist oligarchy exists a third tier, a hidden scientific governing body I term the “technocratic superstate”. Presumably, this was an operation of that invisible apparatus.

Here’s my sociological analysis of it:

The Wisdom Tradition
The Wisdom Tradition
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