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Manly P. Hall's ideals and vision may be great and beautiful...but to be honest, I do not see at all our current "modern world" evolving towards such a direction. Our Western Civilization is literally IN RUINS today! The kind of "multi-culturalism" that Mr. Hall, and so many other well-meaning, but totally utopian dreamers of the same ilk, have been promoting, has shown itself to be AN ABSOLUTE DISASTER for ALL of the Western countries and societies concerned!... Here in Europe, we are governed by an evil consortium of self-appointed criminals, who are bent on DESTROYING their own peoples and nations, by systematically encouraging and implementing suicidal mass immigration policies, which will spell the final collapse of Europe(and North America as well!...)in atrocious, genocidal civil wars! The tens of millions of "third world" immigrants, who are literally flooding both Europe and America since decades, have absolute ZERO intention to "peacefully integrate" in Western Society: they absolutely HATE everything "White" and "Western" with a burning passion, and literally wish to enslave us first, then EXTERMINATE all White Europeans and americans to the last man, woman or child, then OBLITERATE all traces of our once great Civilization, People and Culture!... I am absolutely convinced that Manly P. Hall himself would have been HORRIFIED by everything that is happening throughout all of America and Europe today!

All in all, I think that there will be NOTHING "beautiful" and "New Agey" about the Third Millenium... On the contrary, it will be almost certainly A NIGHTMARE ERA of utter destruction, tyranny, genocide, anarchy and chaos: not only in the West, but over the entire Planet as well... I am totally and absolutely pessimistic for the future: not only in the West, but for the future of all Mankind as well. The "Kali-Yuga" is upon us...and all the currents horrors of today are just the beginning!

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