NO ONE in his or her mind would wish to repeat the CATASTROPHIC, RACIAL and CULTURAL DISASTER that the conquerers of Central and South America accomplished! Today's Central and South American nations are absolute, dystopian living HELL...in which the most sickening, criminal barbarism is considered as "a matter of fact"!... And yet ALL so-called "esoteric societies" of today wish to turn all of the entire Planet into this demonic, totalitarian multi-racial NIGHTMARE which Europe and Americ have to endure today!

If Manly P. Hall was alive today...I am sure that he would be absolutely HORRIFIED by the suicidal multi-racialism of America, Europe and the World!

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Manly P. Hall's description of Mayan civilization as a very peaceful and benevolent society, enjoying "500 years without a war"...is in total contradiction with historical reality! The most recent historical and archaeological research, to the contrary, clearly show that the Mayan cities were in constant, extremely violent warfare with each other, with most of the prisoners taken during these wars being mercilessly slaughtered of the sacrificial altars of the winner...women and little children included!...

The Aztecs were even far worse in their unbridled, mass murdering savagery and blood-lust! In one single sacrificial "ceremony" in Tenochtitlan, in 1417, their priests slaughtered TENS OF THOUSANDS captured individuals of all ages and both sexes!!... It took over four days for the "priests" to accomplish this monstrous butchery!... The neighboring tribes around the Aztec cities were living in perpetual terror of being captured and slaughtered in sacrifice to the truly demonic deities of the Aztecs. It is in fact thanks to the active support of these tribes that Cortez and his men(who were less than two hundreds!)successfully conquered the whole of Mexico... His victory was an immense relief to all other inhabitants of the country, who had more than enough of the Aztec's rule of terror and slaughter!...

In short, Manly P. Hall's vision of "peaceful empires" in Central and South America is not only a blatant distorsion of History: it is a total and absolute reversal of reality itself!...

On top of this, Manly P. Hall's mention of "150 millions human beings living together in a great commonwealth of peace" is utterly unrealistic: The Mayan people probably never numbered more than a few millions at the most, even at the very peak of their civilization... It was the maximum population that the natural resources available to them could have possibly sustained.

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"We, the humans of Earth, are the mortals. As mortals, we “come unto the immortal Father by means of the immortal-mortal: the Son.” This means that, by means of the sacred institution of the Mysteries, the divine principle of consciousness locked within each individual (the “Son”) is gradually returned to the kingdom of its Father."

This section is so eerily similar to the book I've used as my name here.

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