I do not see any reason why UFOs could not be originating from BOTH terrestrial and extra-terrestrial technology! There are stars and planets out there that are BILLIONS of years older than our own stellar system! The science and technology of a civilization having just 5000 or 10 000 years in advance over ours would be simply impossible to comprehend for us. Even fundamental concepts in fundamental Physics, such as Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, are very difficult to understand for the large majority of today's humans!...

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What do you guys think about the QAnon Shannon interview?


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I have to go back and finish reading this, but this quote right here was powerful:

"In my eyes, it appears as though 1947 marks the point when a major “worldview perception management” campaign was kicked off by hidden elements within US NSS. Its aim was to control “worldview perceptions” around the UFO issue by selling the idea of aliens as the source of the technology, while simultaneously disguising the existence of its true origin story."

Disguising the existence of its true origin story. We've been told to look everywhere but here, here on Earth.

Powerful stuff man -- can't wait to finish reading the rest of it!

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