A view of modern life through the lens of Esoteric Philosophy.

In this Substack, in my podcast (“The Wisdom Tradition”), and in my various publications (see my e-store, thewisdomtradition.bigcartel.com), I offer a framework for understanding world events and the dynamics of human life that is rooted in the ancient worldview of Esoteric Philosophy.

Esoteric Philosophy is that system of sacred knowledge and wisdom that was once taught by the priesthoods of the great temple complexes of pre-Christian societies. With the onset of the Christian / Piscean age, these temple complexes fell and their systems of sacred knowledge went “sub rosa”, to be perpetuated in secret until that day when a global re-establishment of the great Mysteries could be accomplished.

I have spent my life studying the key principles of this ancient philosophical system and in my various works I attempt to teach the fundamental worldview that it espouses. In order to do this, I attempt to formulate its core ideas in the language of modern science - notably systems science, depth psychology, and sociology.

I don’t claim to be a “master of the Mysteries” in the way that the great teacher Manly P. Hall was, but I do think I can be of service in teaching its fundamental ideas to a modern audience and to utilize its worldview in order to reframe the current crises we’re going through as a collective civilization.

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God bless, - Alex

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I write and teach on Esoteric Philosophy and its contemporary applications. Manly P. Hall and Carl Jung are primary influences. See my podcast: "The Wisdom Tradition" www.alexsachon.com


Alexander Sachon

This Substack hosts articles on Esoteric Philosophy, modern science, and current events. For more, see www.alexsachon.com & my podcast "The Wisdom Tradition".