Applying Ancient Wisdom to Modern Problems

In my writings and on my podcast, I offer a perspective on world history and current events that is rooted in the worldview of Esoteric Philosophy.

Esoteric Philosophy is the sacred body of wisdom teachings once preserved by the elite priesthoods of pre-Christian societies. With the fall of the pagan world and the rise of the modern age, these priesthoods, along with their sacred philosophic teachings, disappeared from public view, moving underground where they could escape persecution. Over the past two millennia, this “Wisdom Tradition” has been perpetuated in secret, awaiting a future age when it can once again be revealed and its teachings brought forth.

I have spent my life studying the key principles of this ancient philosophical system and in my various works I unpack the fundamental worldview that it espouses. My goal is to re-formulate its core ideas for the modern scientific age.

In this effort, I draw inspiration from Manly P. Hall, the great philosopher and initiate of 20th century America. I don’t claim to be a “Master of the Mysteries” like he was, but I do think I can be of service in teaching the fundamental ideas of the esoteric tradition to a modern audience and to formulate its message in a way that can inspire others.

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God bless,

Alex Sachon

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I write on Esoteric Philosophy and its contemporary applications. Manly P. Hall and Carl Jung are primary influences. See my podcast: "The Wisdom Tradition"


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